The 7th rule of Story Club is…

Lara, my fiancée’s best friend, grabs the mobile and points the camera at me.

I smile.

Then she turns on the music.

Ah, makin’ love,

Makin’ love for

I feel a bit awkward, but I start dancing.

Makin’ love for two

Makin’ love for two minutes

She looks at me, raises her eyebrows and I get the message.

I start taking off my clothes.

When it's with me, girl, you only need two minutes

Because I'm so intense

The shirt goes first.

Then the shoes.

Two minutes in heaven is better

than one minute in heaven

The socks are a bit of a challenge, but I get them off without ruining the mood.

I drop my trousers, and I can see she’s really enjoying this.

Then you tell me you want some more

Well, uh, I'm not surprised

I take a deep breath, get ready to take off my underwear…

It’s business

it's business time

And that’s when my flatmate comes home, sees what’s happening, and gets completely the wrong idea:

I’m a cheating pervert and Lara is the worst friend ever…

Soon after that, my flatmate moved out, and I don’t think she ever believed that I was just being a sport and making a striptease video for my fiancée’s hen night, and Lara was only helping me with the camera.

 Oh well. She never liked me anyway 😅

A story is not what happened 

I could’ve told you about 

  • How one of my fiancée’s friends had to edit that video (that she asked me for!) and felt so embarrassed that she still blushes when I mention it

  • How the hen night involved two actual strippers who had to be buzzed in by the doorman (“the Native American and the Fireman are here, Patricia, can they come up?”)

  • The phallic-shaped “cup” filled with booze going around the party

  • How Patrícia’s mom, grandma and mother-in-law (yes, my mom) were there too 

All of that happened, and it could be part of the same story - but it doesn’t have to be. In some cases, it shouldn’t be, if it breaks the 7th rule of Story Club: 

Stories will go on for as long as they have to (but not a second longer) 

Two minutes in heaven might be better than one minute in heaven - unless you only have one minute. In this case, I didn’t need all of the extra material - so I cut it. I didn’t have the time for it anyway. 

Keep only what your story needs to make its point, and nothing else. Give your audience enough to get the right idea but stop before it becomes too much. 

Have fun, but get the job done - it’s business time 🤘


PS. The song from the story is called Business Time, from the Flight of the Conchords. You can (and should!) watch it played live here.

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